How to Blog for Money

If you want to make money blogging then listen up.

These simple steps will put you on the fast track to blogging profits.

Blogging for Money

The first thing you need to decide is whether you are blogging for fun or money.

If you are only going to blog for money then you may want to consider a different type of website.  For instance, you should consider making review sites or membership sites as these will quickly become much more profitable.

If you want to blog because you have an interest writing about a subject, you’ll be happy to hear that making money is fairly easy.  The most important part is that you keep blogging and adding awesome new content.  Beyond that, the easiest way to make good money is to use affiliate marketing.

Making Money as an Affiliate

There are products you can recommend to readers in every single niche online.  For most bloggers, the first place to look is Amazon.

Amazon has a simple affiliate program where you make 15% of every sale you refer.  That amount increases as you sell more products through Amazon.

One of the best reasons to be an affiliate with them is that you know they will be around for many more years and they are an honest and fair company.

As for the implementation of your affiliate marketing, I would suggest doing some reviews.  Don’t make every other post on your site a review, but instead just add them every once in a while and link back occasionally in future blog posts.  You can even get people excited about your reviews if you have them scheduled.  Visitors make come specifically for your Friday Reviews, or whatever else you come up with.

Another simple way to implement an affiliate link is to add a banner add to your site.  For instance, you can just add a picture and description of a product you like to the sidebar of your blog and some people may buy it each month.

There is a ton to learn about affiliate marketing.  The amount you make relies on many different aspects that affect your conversion rate.  That being said, you can always make more by getting more traffic.  This is why you should keep yourself concerned with adding more content and making it awesome every time so readers come back again and again.

Throughout this short guide I assumed you already have a blog.  If you don’t, then just use this additional guide of mine on how to start a blog and make money.

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