The Best WordPress Themes

Every great blog needs an awesome theme.

Picking the right theme will help you build a better looking and better performing blog.  This is why it’s essential that you choose a premium theme for your site.

All of the best WordPress themes available:

  • Look great
  • Are easy to customize
  • Are affordable

When selecting the right theme for your site, there are 3 options that stand out from the rest.

Top WordPress Themes

#1 Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes have an insane deal.  When you sign up with Elegant Themes you get unlimited access to over 70+ different premium themes.  For $39 a year, that’s less than the cost of just one theme from some providers.

Elegant Themes

Get over 70+ premium themes with Elegant Themes

All of their themes are also extremely customizable.  You get a control panel under the “Appearance” tab in your WordPress site where you can change your blog’s layout, color scheme, font styles, and more.

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Easy customization is very important since you will want to update and change your blog overtime.  Because you get more than 70 themes with Elegant Themes and they are all easily customized, you should have no problem finding the perfect theme for your blog.

#2 Thesis Framework

Thesis by DIY Themes is called a framework because it is not just a theme.  Thesis gives you a dashboard where you can easily control the shape, colors, and virtually every aspect of your site without touching any code.

For instance, you can simply enter the number of pixels you want to determine the width of your blog or a sidebar.  Changes like the number of sidebars you want, their size, and where they appear can all be altered in minutes.

The thing with Thesis is that it makes the structure of your site very easy to control and change on the fly, but it is hard to make it look professional and sharp without additional work.  This requires buying a premium theme for Thesis or using your own design skills to make your blog look really good.

Thesis Framework

The Thesis framework offers effortless customization for your WordPress blog

A single site license with Thesis costs $87 and you should plan on purchasing a theme which will run you an additional $30-50.

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If money is tight and you decide on Thesis, you can put off purchasing a premium theme.  Your blog will look good enough with Thesis alone and you can wait until your blog makes you some cash before reinvesting in a sharper looking blog.

You can checkout Kolakube and Thesis Awesome for premium themes

#3 Genesis Framework

The Genesis framework is very similar to Thesis.  Instead of just being a single design, it is a very customizable site framework.

I could go into deep detail about the minute differences from Thesis, but they really are crazy similar.

Genesis is a bit more affordable at $60 for just the framework.  Also, because StudioPress creates themes as well, they offer a discounted package deal with a theme for just $80.

genesis framework logo

Genesis is an affordable way to add great design and extreme flexibility to your site.

In comparison, it will cost you closer to $120 to get started with Thesis.  Also, in order to use Thesis on multiple sites, you’ll have to pay an additional $77 to upgrade to a developer license.

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You should also know that Genesis is made by StudioPress which is a brand by Copyblogger Media.  If you haven’t heard of, well it’s one of the best internet marketing blogs in the world.

I’m telling you this because they are a very reliable and stable organization.  You can expect quality and performance with products that come from Copyblogger Media.

Final Recommendations

I recommend Elegant Themes above the others for the following reasons:

1) Every webmaster should have multiple sites

I don’t think you should only have one blog.  You will be a much more effective, wiser, and richer blogger if you start and run multiple websites.  Among other reasons, I don’t make a lot of money with my blogs, but I have sites that are made to make money, and that’s what they do.

I would be hesitant to start new sites if I had to drop $30+ on a new theme every site.  Because I have Elegant Themes, I already have over 70 themes to pick from for my new site.  There are themes for blogs, photo sites, Q & A sites – everything.

2) It’s cheaper

Elegant Themes is much cheaper than Thesis and Genesis, plain and simple.  They also consistently add new sites so it will only become more valuable after you subscribe.

3) It’s customizable too

Thesis and Genesis call themselves frameworks and tout their flexibility, but Elegant Themes is easy to customize too.  It is very easy to pick a theme you like and make some changes to make it fit your needs perfectly.

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Do you have a domain and hosting already?  If not, you should check out my guide on starting a blog.  You’ll be online in less than 10 minutes from right now if you follow the 3 simple steps.

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    I am fan of Elegant theme. I already used one

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