SEO Tips and Tricks

Want to outsmart your competition with some clever Search Engine Optimization tips and tricks?

These are the underground tactics your competitors use to quietly pull huge search engine traffic.

SEO Tips and Tricks

#1 Rank for Hidden Keywords

When using Google’s keyword tool you’ll probably come across many of the same keywords that every other marketer finds.  The key is to break out of the pack and find keywords no one is really competing for.

One of the best ways to do this is to target long-tail keywords that are already sending you traffic.  For instance, you can login Google Analytics, if you use it (you should), and then find out the exact search terms that have sent your site traffic.  Then, you can take all of these search terms and put them into the keyword tool to see if any of them receive some traffic.

The cool part about this is that you KNOW that people are searching for these terms regardless of other data.  This means they are worthwhile targeting if you can put together a new post in 5-10 minutes for it.

#2 Get Automated Links, Part I

Have you heard of Tynt?

Tynt allows you to get more links from the people who copy & paste your content.  What it does is automatically add a link to the copied post and any attribution you want.  For example, when they copy a sentence it may then say, “-copied from Start Blog Now” and then display the link.

When you install Tynt on your site you will probably be surprised how often people copy text from your site.  A lot of these copies end up in emails or messages that people send each other online.  While this won’t end up in a link with SEO value, it can still help your site get more traffic.

If you use WordPress for your blog then you can use the Tynt Insights for WordPress plugin to quickly

#3 Get Automated Links, Part II

Here’s another cool SEO trick for getting automated links for free.

Yoast made a plugin called RSS Footer that allows you to add links to your content that only show up on your posts in your RSS feed.  Why is this useful?

If your blog gains even a little bit of popularity, it will start getting scraped.  This means other people will make autoblogs that automatically steal your content and they try to then rank higher with it.  One of the simplest ways to rank higher than them is to get indexed right away to appear as the original source.

Another way is to have them link back to you as the original source.  Scraper sites monitor your RSS feed to find out right away when you post content so they can duplicate it.  Because they track the RSS feed, they will take the version with the links that lead to the post they steal you added with RSS Footer.

You can also add some anchor text links back to any page you want ranking higher with this technique.  Furthermore, you can display your whole post and encourage scraper sites so you can get more autopilot backlinks from the suckers :)

If you use the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast then you don’t need to also install RSS Footer because this functionality is contained in the SEO plugin.

Free SEO tips make it easy to build links don’t they?

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