Blog Writing for New Bloggers

Writing a blog can be a fun and profitable experience.  Whether you are interested in growing an audience to get out your message or to make some money, there are a few blog tips that will help you along the way.

Writing a Blog

Develop Your Voice

No matter how dry the subject you’re writing about is, you need to develop your own voice.  Nothing works better to get visitors back to your site than good content presented from a unique style.

There are loads of copywriting techniques to keep people reading.  For instance, have you noticed how short I keep my paragraphs?

It’s so you keep reading.

And it’s no mistake that my font-size is 16px and the line height is 24px…makes it easy to read :)

That being said, there is a non-technical element in your writing style.  The benefits are hard to nail down and style itself is hard to teach.  Try to write the way you talk and not the way everyone else writes.

Stick to your niche

I’ve written about this before on the site, but it’s worth saying again.

Don’t write off-topic blog posts.  As far as relevance goes, make sure that your current readers will like it.  On occasion, you can write on a topic made to appeal more to a niche of readers you want to follow your site.  That’s fine too.

Just don’t write about your weekend without tying it in someway or publish a post with fishing tips if your blog is about business.

Write as often as you can

A lot of new bloggers learning how to blog wonder how often they should write.  The answer is as much as you can.

Do not by any means sacrifice quality in your write to put out more content.  If you double the amount of posts you are writing they should all meet the usual standards for content on your blog.

Just ask yourself, how popular do you want your site to be and how fast?  The harder you go, the quicker and bigger your success will be.

I don’t want to sound like a bogus self-help guru, but look inside for the answer to this question.

Do your research and link out

Rushing out new blog posts can hurt your credibility.  You shouldn’t publish a post the same day you write it, ever.

Take a night to sleep on it and come back the next day to proofread and edit.  If you have to do research then make sure you save the links from the content you read along the way.  This way you can link out to relevant articles and help your visitors follow your tracks.

Well cited posts make for better content.

Also, linking out more is better for search engine optimization.  On average, webpages that link out to authoritative and relevant webpages on other domains rank higher than those that don’t.

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