6 Best WordPress Widgets

WordPress widgets are plugins made specifically to show up in the sidebar of WordPress websites.  They add some sort of functionality, usually some sort of visual display or navigation bar.

There are some more useful than others, but these are the ones that I consider to be the best.

Top WordPress Widgets

#1 Social Media Widget

Social Media Widget is a simple widget that adds links to your social profiles.  The cool part about this widget is that it has 4 different sets of well-designed icons for each of the social sites it supports.

The widget has icons ready for a couple dozen different social sites and you can also add your own.  This lets you input your own icons and link to the corresponding website.

For anyone who wants to increase networking and building their presence across various social platforms, it’s an easy choice for your sidebar.

#2 Feedburner Email Widget

Many blogs use Feedburner to track their RSS stats and subscriber count.  You can make it easy for your visitors to subscribe to your feed with the Feedburner Email Widget.

This plugin lets you add a simple opt-in form to your sidebar where people can enter their email.  After doing this, they will then receive email updates every time you add a new post to your site.

#3 Opt-in Skin

If you have an email list then you know how tricky it is to get people to subscribe.  The two most important aspects are the placement and design of your opt-in form.

Opt-in Skin is a premium WordPress plugin that makes it easy to add appealing opt-in forms to your blog.  It comes with a handful of customizable and already attractive designs and you can add them virtually anywhere to your site including your sidebar.

Another cool feature of this plugin is that you can use it to split-test your forms.  You can consistently increase your conversion rates for your forms using this technique.

#4 Popular Widget

There are a lot of widgets for displaying your most popular posts, but Popular Widget is the best.  This widget starts tracking your traffic stats right when you install it to rank  your posts based on the number of views they are receiving.  Among other options, you can also display your posts with the most comments.

There are a few ways you can customize this plugin including the color and design which is already appealing from the get-go.

#5 vSlider

vSlider is a highly customizable widget for adding rotating images on your site.  The plugin is so useful because it has an extremely extensive amount of options.

You can change every part of the display, choose from six different image transitions, the rotation speed and order, and much more.  It’s a good option if you want to display employees and their names/titles on the sidebar, or testimonials from some of your customers.

#6 Display Widgets

Display Widgets allows you to choose exactly which pages each of your widgets appears on.  While this isn’t always a necessary functionality, it can prove very handy in the right circumstances.  The plugin simply adds checkbox options to each of your widgets when adding them in your dashboard.

If you like these plugins you can discover many more in my list of the best wordpress plugins.

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