Premium WordPress Plugins

Premium WordPress plugins provide your site with additional functionality.  Premium plugins in particular are paid plugins that are offer value above and beyond most free ones.

These top WordPress plugins should help you get more traffic to your site and grow your readership.

Top Premium WordPress Plugins

#1 Optimize Press

Optimize Press makes it easy to create stunning squeeze pages, sales pages, and membership sites.  The best part is that you can use it on an unlimited number of your own sites, and trust me, you will use it a lot.

If you’ve ever built a squeeze page (a webpage made to build an email list) then you know that it can be expensive and time consuming. You can have a very sharp looking squeeze page a few minutes after installing Optimize Press.

Membership sites are very profitable because of the recurring monthly payments you receive.  There are many plugins for handling the page protection and members themselves, but Optimize Press is one of few to help you actually build the site.

The plugin also comes with lots of different graphics to use throughout your site like, “buy now” and “add to cart” buttons.

#2 Opt-in Skin

Another premium plugin that will help you build your list is Opt-in Skin.  Opt-in Skin makes it easy to add attractive opt-in forms anywhere on your blog.

For instance, you can choose to have a form displayed in your sidebar, before a post, after a post, floated between paragraphs, or you can use the shortcode supplied to add it anywhere else.

The plugin also has split-testing functionality so you can use it to narrow down to the best possible design for getting subscribers.  Overall, this professional WordPress plugin will help you grow an email or RSS subscriber list.

#3 Commentluv Premium

Blog comments are a great way to interact with your readers and drive engagement.  Just having an option to comment on your site is the first step, but you can use CommentLuv Premium to take it further.

Commentluv Premium will allow you to add incentives for visitors to comment on your site.

For instance, you can let them use their keyword as anchor text so they get a link that will help their sites rank higher in the search engines.  Or, you could give them an extra link to their most recent blog post if they Tweet, Like, or +1 your blog post.

If you liked this list of premium WordPress plugins then you should see my list of the best WordPress widgets.  Most of them are free and they’re all must-have installs in my opinion.

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