Getting traffic is great, you need traffic.  But some bloggers are so obsessed with getting more traffic that they forget about the traffic they’re already getting.

If you get 5,000 visitors/month and none of them ever come back, you do NOT have a successful blog.  You probably don’t get links from other people or have many subscribers.  In short, you are most likely making very little money from your site.

The valuable visitors are those that you get to come back.  Over time, you build trust and sometimes relationships with these readers.  These are your fans, the people that will tell others about your site and get you that “word-of-mouth” traffic you always hear about.

Here are four techniques to convert visitors into readers.

1) Get them to follow you

Some visitors may like your content and remember your site.  They might even come back on their own accord, but you should do your best to make it easy for them to return.  By getting them to follow you on Twitter and/or your RSS feed, you can stay on their radar without being intrusive.

While I still promote my RSS feed and think having readers is important for a blog, many internet-users these days will opt to follow on Twitter instead.  In many ways, Twitter has replaced RSS feeds as a way to follow website news and updates.

2) Get their email addresses

Getting a visitor to follow you on Twitter isn’t that tough.  Emails are a different story.

Persuading someone to hand over their personal email address can be a real challenge for many bloggers.  The most common way to get emails addresses is to offer something of value.  You need to create something valuable like a detailed ebook or software program for instance.

When creating your giveaway, the most important part is creating a product that your visitors will find really enticing.  For instance, an ebook about making more money from your blog makes sense for this site.  An ebook like “X blog tips” would be a little less enticing.

Make your offer enticing!

3) Let them know when they should come back

Having a defined publishing schedule helps your readers know when they should come back.

Visitors who come back on their own will be disappointed to find your site without update.  However, there will be no question if they know exactly what day your new content will be published.

For instance, if you make it known that you publish a new post every Monday, then your readers, those subscribed and those not, will know to come back sometime during Monday to read your new content.

4) Provide Resources

One last way to get people to return to your site is to provide useful resources.  I’m sure we’ve all had this experience, you find some type of list, calculator, or some other resource on a site and use it.  Then, you need to use it again, and you remember the site where you found it, or you search again with that site in mind.

These people will come back again and again to utilize your resource, and over time they will become accustomed with your site.  Naturally, many of them will explore and read your about page, and potentially start following your blog.

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