How to Blog

Regardless of the niche your blog is in there are a number of universal truths about blogging.  I will only assume that your blog isn’t just a personal blog and you have an interest in growing your readership.  Now lets get to the blogging tips

How to Write a Blog

Content is King

Whether you’re writing about business, art, or building an image-based photo blog, there is one thing you need to succeed:

Awesome content.

On a blog the posts are the main source of content and primary value proposition.  The only reason anyone will ever visit your blog is to read the content.  Don’t ever forget that.

With this in mind, you should find a way to stand out and produce exceptional content.  There are a lot of blogs out there to compete with, so make it easier by being different.

A lot of bloggers and internet marketers say content is king, and then others refute it saying that just having great content isn’t enough.  Well I’m here to say that content is king still, but it’s just so damn cliche I’m sick of saying it.

I honestly don’t believe that there are amazing blogs out there with dedicated bloggers adding new content consistently that never get any traffic.  Either your site isn’t as good as you think or you’re not working as hard as you think.

I’m not saying this to be a hard-ass, but just to help new bloggers realize that they should keep their focus on making something great and not all their time building links and doing promotion work.

Consistent Output

In order to build a really successful blog you should plan on creating and publishing content consistently.  How much you write is really up to you.  If you are planning to blog and a post a week stresses you out – that’s not the right mindset.

How often you publish content will go a very long way to the speed and volume of growth of your blog.  A blogger that publishes 3 new posts a week without neglecting promotion will grow a larger readership faster than one that publishes 1 a week, granted that the quality is comparable.

For some final perspective, ViperChill’s Glenn Allsopp posts on his blog about twice a month.  He also has 22,000 RSS subscribers and every post he writes is gold.  Other blogs like Daily Blog Tips, well… obviously there’s new content everyday.

If you want to be great at blog writing, just make sure you keep at it and make the best content you possibly can.

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