5 Search Engine Optimization Tips for Bloggers

Don’t think of SEO as a separate task.

Search engine optimization should be a small part of every single task you do.  All you have to keep in mind is these 5 tips and you’ll rank effortlessly for your keywords.

Search Engine Optimization Tips

#1 Choose the right keywords

Keyword research is the building blocks for all of your SEO.  You want to start off by brainstorming some words and phrases that describe your niche.

Take every keyword you come up with and enter it into Google’s keyword tool.  When you enter in your keywords, make sure you choose to see the search volume for exact match only.

This allows you to see the search volume that every keyword gets each month.

Pick a competitive, high search volume keyword to target with your homepage.  Then choose some medium search volume keywords to target with pages in your navigation bar.  Finally, all of the longer search terms you can target with individual blog posts.

(these are called longtail keywords)

#2 Use Internal Linking

You can keep ranking pages on your site higher by using internal links.  For instance, I could write a post called “SEO tips and tricks” and then link to this page with the anchor text “SEO tips” or a similar variant.

(anchor text is the clickable text in a link)

You can use a plugin like Yet Another Related Posts Plugin to automatically add relevant links after your content.  However, it’s best to add links manually within your content when there is opportunity.

#3 Link to Other Sites

Linking out to other sites actually helps your site rank higher.  Google awards sites that do a good job citing other sources online.

The best way to link out is to simply keep the user experience in mind.  For instance, earlier I linked to Google’s keyword tool.  By linking I am making it easier for my readers to access the tool I was wrote about.

Another good reason to link out is to backup a claim you make.  For instance, you may not believe me when I say that long-tail search terms will make up for 70% of your search engine traffic.  However, that link makes it so you don’t have to just believe me.

#4 Attract Links

Links are an extremely important part of SEO.  Getting more links from good websites will help you rank higher for your search terms.

As a blogger, you’ve got a lot on your plate before you even get to link building.  This is why you should make pages that are made to naturally acquire links.

If you simply create great content, people will naturally link to your blog.  However, there are certain types of content that get linked to much more often than others.  These are generally very resourceful posts/pages.

For example, bloggers can build links with blog directories, but they have to find out what these directories are.  If you made a comprehensive list that would be a really helpful post.

Another example, give away something for free.  A free ebook, software program, or WordPress theme can help attract a lot of links to your site.

Keep it easy to link to.  Many people who link will be bloggers that just need something to link to and they’ll quickly skim your post and add a link.  It should be immediately obvious what your “linkable asset” is.

#5 Build links

Link building is over-emphasized in the SEO community.

Yes, links are possibly the most important part of ranking, but building them isn’t.  You can rank higher by creating new content with fresh internal links and by attracting links from others.

That being said, building the links yourself can speed up the whole process.

A few easy ways for bloggers to build links are:

  1. Blog commenting – comment on other blogs and link back with your keyword
  2. RSS submission – submit your RSS feed to RSS directories
  3. Blog directory submission – submit your blog to blog directories
  4. Guest blogging – write a post for other bloggers

Adding new content to your blog is more important than building links, but these techniques should help you to rank higher.  They are also very easy and natural tactics for a blogger.

Follow these 5 tips with your blog and you’re sure to get the search engine rankings that you want.

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