Pinging is a way to notify search engines of new content.  Wordpress automatically pings every post you publish to help it get found.

You can add additional services to the single pinging service in your dashboard under Settings > Writing.

Here’s a list of 133 working pinging services you can use to automtically notify the search engines:

WordPress Ping List.txt

[Fresh Auguest 19th, 2012]

Using this complete list will ensure that every post you publish gets indexed right away by the search engines.  Also, having a more frequently crawled site and well indexed blog will help you rank higher.

These services can also be used in Scrapebox or another software program for notifying search engines of backlinks you have built.


If you add all of these to your WordPress site for automatic pinging you MUST take this critical, additional step or you could be penalized in the search engines.

Go to your plugins page and click “Add New”.  Search for CBNET Ping Optimizer, and install and activate this plugin.  Inside the settings page for this plugin you will see the services you have added and also a couple check boxes.

You want to enable pinging and limit the amount of pinging that your site does.  By default, WordPress pings for every single update you make which can easily get you in trouble for spamming.  I have limited the pinging my site does to once every 1,440 minutes, or once per day.

With this setup, I get very fast indexation and extensive crawling from the search engines without running the risk of receiving a penalty.

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