Premium WordPress Themes

If you’re looking for the best wordpress theme around, then you’re going to find it with one of these providers.  These are the most popular and highest quality providers of premium WordPress Themes.

Premium WordPress Blog Themes

#1 Thesis

Thesis is a framework rather than just a single theme.  This means that you can restructure and design your blog into any setup that you desire.  The appealing part is that you can do all of this without touching any code at all.

The Thesis framework gives non-programmer webmasters and blogger the ability to quickly change and adapt their site.  This kind of rapid website design has never been easier or even possible for those who don’t know code or want to pay someone for every change they need made.

#2 Genesis

Genesis is another framework like Thesis and is very similar.  To be honest, if you are thinking about purchasing Thesis then just buy yourself a copy of Genesis.

I am saying this because they are so similar, but you will save money with the Genesis framework.  If you want your blog to look really sharp then you’ll either need some design skills or you’ll have to purchase another theme on top of the framework.

Studiopress makes this easy and gives you numerous bundles to choose from that package a well-designed theme with the Genesis framework.

#3 Woo Themes

Woo Themes is yet another serious contender for your dollar.  For the same cost as a packaged theme with Genesis, you can get a theme with loads of customization options and 2 bonus themes.  Pretty sweet deal right?

They also have subscriptions so you can pay a monthly fee and gain unlimited access to over 100+ themes (their entire collection).  This is a great option if you plan on starting lots of small niche sites or multiple blogs.

#4 Elegant Themes

The last premium theme vendor you should consider is Elegant Themes.  Instead of selling themes individually they keep their offer very simple.  You have one option and it is to buy a yearly subscription for unlimited access to their 70+ customizable WordPress themes.

The themes are all very attractive and they are also quite customizable.  They can be a little trickier to modify than the other 3 providers, but the value with ET is worth it.  Woo Themes charges $20/month for access to all their themes, but Elegant Themes charges just $39 for an entire year of unlimited access.

All four of these providers are awesome and I think you’d be happy with any one that you choose.  If you are planning on just running 1-3 sites then I would recommend Genesis or Woo Themes.  If you want to start more sites or if you are concerned with saving the money, then Elegant Themes will be your best bet.

Don’t really want to pay for premium WordPress themes?  Check out what I consider to be the 6 best free WordPress themes.  You don’t always get what you pay for :)

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